It’s not real…

Okay, so I’m still on the Vampire kick. I’m secretly hoping to wake up one day and have my hubby being standing over me ready to change my world….Seriously, what is my problem? I’ve finished the entire series and will probably read them again, though I think it wise to move on to a different subject matter for a while first.

Brian and I watched the movie last night, which I was nervous about doing because I had such high expecations coming off the books. It was o.k. Not horrible, not nearly as bad as some people have claimed (in my opinion), but I found myself making comments throughout the whole going “that’s not how that happend” or “that’s not the right color”, etc. Brian kept shooshing me, but I couldn’t help it, it just wasn’t the image I had painted for myself from the reading. All in all I suppose they did the best they could, I know from the Harry Potter experiences that some things just have to be removed or changed.

I’m at a loss right now though, for what to pick up next. I’m afraid that whatever book it happens to be will pale in comparisson to my (new) fasination of Vampires and the romance I found in those books. Stephanie Meyer may have perfectly well ruined my taste for reading….Anyway, point of this post – suggestions on where to take my mind next? Anyone have a great read?

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