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Another Helping

Of my musical taste. This one’s been lingering in the back of my mind for a while now…enjoy :)

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m not at all conceded, however, today is my birthday and I want to buy myself something, but I cannot figure out what…

Anyone have any suggestions?

Call Me An Ass

[sigh]…Yes I’m voting for Obama…


I’m uber tired this morning and not feeling that great in general. I NEED to listen to some music to wake me up and….alas my iPod is dead :(.

I want to revert back to my 3 year old self and throw a fit on the floor for the world to see, preferably in the middle of a crowded department store. That would feel so good right now…Maybe I’ll go outside and kick some rocks instead.


This is one of my all time favorite songs – I wish I could find a link to the video, but alas…Here’s the lyrics anyway.

Shades Apart – One Starry Night

Eric’s room gets too small one night
(he) takes his whole apartment outside
down at his desk he sits and writes
under a streetlight

one starry night just like tonight when these
city lights seem like candlelight
one starry night somewhere between midnight
and sunrise everything will be alright

On the steps someone plays guitar
carrying into the dark
far off a saxophone begins following along
writing the same song

one starry night just like tonight when these
city lights seem like candlelight
one starry night somewhere between midnight
and sunrise everything will be alright

Angela hears the music play
sees eric and suddenly the lights change
dare she let her heart take this one chance?
she says do you want to dance?


I can NOT get enough of this song lately….

TGI…aww screw it

Friday isn’t much to be thankful for this week. I’ve got a little mini-rage going on inside my head right now that is slowly creeping toward my fingers. I’m frustrated beyond belief that there isn’t more I can do for certain people. It’s one of those days where you’re wishing things away. I know it’ll pass and everything happening is for it’s own just reason, HOWEVER, I don’t have to like the “going through” it phase and I don’t…not one bit.

I want to scream, really, really loudly right now. I wonder why things that happen to other people affect me so deeply sometimes, to the point that I want to fight for them. Do a tag-team and just take the shit for a while so they can sit in the corner and re-group. I guess when you love someone it feels that way.

I hate that for now, my only recourse is to be a listener, an advice giver and a support. I’ll just sit in my corner and silently scream…


I blew it yesterday and broke my “I’m going to write EVERY DAY” resolution…I suck, I know, but I was doing much more important things, lol, yeah right, who am I kidding?

I did however catch Wil Wheaton’s Criminal Minds episode last night. CREEPY…So realistically creepy in fact, that my geek crush got taken down a few notches. I am much more content thinking of him as a big geeky teddy bear, than a serial killing rapist…icky, icky, icky…

And I had a lovely conversation with SG. I miss her and my other friends. I find that I’m at home in front of my computer trying to connect too often these days. I’m craving some social time.


A friend has evoked music in me again, I’m using this as a place to list the more obscure stuff that I’ve let get lost in my over-stuffed iTunes Library.

  • Shades Apart (#1 song – One Starry Night – LOVE IT!!, best album – Eyewitness)
  • Greenwheel – the first band I ever heard live before the radio!
  • Jackopierce (why did I ever lose you??)
  • Jann Arden – Insensitive says it all
  • Beth Hart
  • Amanda Marshall
  • Hello Saferide – New, but I’m obsessed :)
  • Alice Russell – Hurry on Now – GREAT SONG
  • Astaire – L-L-Love (good one hit)
  • ATB – You’re Not Alone (some people leave a good mark on you)
  • Azure Ray 
  • Bonnie McKee – Trouble
  • Ellie Lawson – Gotta Get Up From Here – BEST SONG!
  • Get Up Kids
  • Helen Stellar – This Time Around – Greatest find from a movie yet
  • Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am
  • Jonathan Coulton – Another live before radio find
  • Marc Broussard – Come Around
  • Plumb
  • Eisley
Sorry if you’ve read this and expected something else. This is more of “for me” post than anything else. 
I’m out – 


Okay ladies, you can all be totally jealous, but my husband kicks some major ass. I had a Chiropractor appointment tonight, which happens every other Tuesday and Brian goes with. Tonight we met, sat down and had our adjustments. After mine, Dr. G. said he wanted them to do some “soft tissue” work on my back, made sense to me b/c it had been really sore the past couple days. I walk back and one of the therapists takes my chart and walks me into a private room (odd b/c normally you just lay in a room with about 3 beds and they work on your sore spots there. She asks how I’m feeling, I say “fine”. She said, “it’s been a while since you’ve had therapy” I agree. She then says “Well you have a half-hour massage tonight” and smiles, then continues with “your husband bought it for you.” I was totally shocked caught off guard, super excited, but at the same time the first thought I had was “oh shit, I haven’t shaved in a week!”….

Needless to say it was one of the best things on this planet that I have experienced. To top that off I get 4 more! My next one is scheduled (with impeccable timing) for next Wednesday….I’ll be sure to shave this time :)