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I married my best friend today.

Seattle Trip 1

Okay, so I spent 4 days in Seattle for PAX (Penny-Arcade Expo). Brian and I had an absolute blast! It was probably the best vacation we’ve taken together yet. The city is beautiful, the weather was perfect (60’s and sunny – that’s right NO RAIN!) and our hotel was the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in (Kudos to the Grand Hyatt Seattle). 

The trip was long, we both worked on Thursday before flying out and didn’t get settled into our room until about 1:00am, local time, which was 3:00am Central and since we had both been up since 6:00am that morning it made for a long day.

The bed swallowed me when I finally hit it, but I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to explore this great city. We met up with one of our friends who has recently moved to the area and set out to the Public Market to get some breakfast. What an interesting place! Pike’s of course is there and though we waited for almost 15 minutes, we didn’t get to see a fish sail through the air…next time. It’s an interesting maze of stair cases and hallways lined with little niche shops. I could have spent a couple hours just exploring everything, but we were on a schedule…again, next time.

We found a great smelling place called Cinnamon Works and decided that fresh bakery would be great for breakfast.I have to say fresh muffins, an ocean view and some of the best company a girl can have, causes the best of days. We walked everywhere it seemed. Down to the piers, passing about 30 Starbucks on the way…man does Seattle LOVE coffee! The air was clean and fresh, something I haven’t experienced in such a long time. The more we walked the more I fell in love with this city.

Pioneer Square produced a first for me…Utilikilt store. That’s right a store specifically for Utility suited kilts. Odd, but some how befitting of my surroundings. Little did I know I’d get to see several of these in action just a few hours later. After our massive walk-a-thon we stopped back at the hotel to freshen up and chill before heading to the show. Even in the hotel room the view was amazing, Seattle is great even at 23 floors up!

Standing in the Window as You Drive Away.

Rain poured from the sky, covering everything and everyone in an almost unnatural haze of gray. She was late, but that’s okay, I’ll always wait for her. She has something of value to me, something you were quick to push away. Where could I have gone wrong with you? What could I have possibly done…There’s no point in looking for answers anymore. Just as quickly as she appeared, you were gone or were you ever really there?

The way you make her feel just isn’t right. The way you’ve made me feel isn’t either. The difference here is that I am separated by miles and distant memories, she’s faced with you every day. One day you’ll learn you can’t walk all over her, one day you’ll learn what you gave away. Then it will be too late, that ship will have sailed away from your dimly lit lighthouse…

The Big Revelation (in my tiny mind)

Okay, I’ve started to realize how quickly I forget some of the best times I’ve had. Maybe I’m getting older or maybe my tiny brain is so full of other shit that I just can’t keep it all in there anymore. Either way I’m starting a blog, which I swore I would never do. Here’s to follow through and hoping I get some!