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Inspiration lacking

I’m going to be super busy the next month or so. We’ve got a lot to do before our House Warming/Open House at the end of May. The problem is I’m not inspired to do anything right now. I want to get yard work done, but I don’t want to do it. I want the walls painted, but don’t want to paint them. These things will be eating up the time my heart really wants to spend being more creative, finishing my scrapbooks, writing and reading and enjoying life.

How do you force yourself to MAKE time for you? Where do you put it in your calendar so you don’t fill it with some other thing that needs to be done?

This quote has been with me all day and I can’t help but think I’m not doing a very good job listening to what lies within me. How do I fix it though?

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Soft Voices Don’t Always Fall on Deaf Ears

Sometimes when you think you haven’t made any headway, life goes and surprises you. Turns out the words I said did make an impact….We’ll see where this goes, but for now this chick is happy :)

The Difference

Jenn: Some days I am reminded how much I truly love you…today is one of those days.

Brian: Oh yeah? Neat….


So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every section of your life, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new section, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool and no disclaimers allowed.

Opening Credits: “Nobody Knows” Tony Rich Project
Waking Up: “The Lights of London” David Gray
First Day At School: “Celebration” Kool & The Gang
Falling In Love: “Let Forever Be” Chemical Brothers
Fight Song: “The Crying Game” Culture Club
Breaking Up: “Something To Remember” Madonna
Prom: “Leave It Inside (Acoustic)” Toby Lightman
Mental Breakdown: “Might Love” Bob Carlisle
Driving: “Redneck Woman” Gretchen Wilson
Flashback: “Smooth Criminal” Alien Antfarm
Getting back together: “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” Culture Club
Wedding: “Uninvited” Alanis Morrisette
Birth of Child: “Fall From Grace” Amanda Marshall
Final Battle: “Cool” Gwen Stefani
Death Scene: “Unlove Me” Julie Roberts

Wow are there some winners in there…seriously who the fuck has been messin’ with my iTunes account???

Blah, blah, blah…


Okay I feel better now :). It’s “one of those days” for me today. I’m tired, don’t want to be at work, am sick of people bitching that Obama’s gonna ruin the country and wish people could just, for one second, take a step back and think about things…

My soapbox is broken, so I’m not going to hop on it, but man am I tired of negativity lately. COME ON ALREADY!

Also, some people are jackasses, born, raised and living that way and they’ll never change. Some of those same jackasses call others manipulative, when they are the ones manipulating. Look in the mirror and check yourselves out, you don’t look so hot anymore, you’re an absolute bore, and you’re an ass…I wonder how anyone could turn you down…

On a plus side, the house is getting sooo close to being done, sweet, sweet freedom is a mere 16 days away. I’m finding that my stress relief is easy to come by if I spend some time online searching for blinds, curtains, paint colors or any other random “new house” item I feel I’m going to need (yes NEED) in the near future :)

So It Goes

I’ve realized this weekend just how much my life has recently changed. I’d always heard that once you get married and have a house, you stop wanting “things” as gifts and start buying practical items. I’ve never been so excited over a piece of furniture in my life, this weekend, however, I couldn’t contain myself as Brian and I shopped for our living room/family room furniture. I caught myself last night and had a startling moment of realization (my brain went “a couch, really?!? THAT’S what is doing it for you? LAME!”). I’ve officially crossed over my friends. It’ll be flooring, paint, new curtains and a nice patio set instead of those sweaters, shoes and jewelry I’d normally request.

I’m an old married person now…and I’m okay with it :)

Another Helping

Of my musical taste. This one’s been lingering in the back of my mind for a while now…enjoy :)

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m not at all conceded, however, today is my birthday and I want to buy myself something, but I cannot figure out what…

Anyone have any suggestions?

Call Me An Ass

[sigh]…Yes I’m voting for Obama…


I’m uber tired this morning and not feeling that great in general. I NEED to listen to some music to wake me up and….alas my iPod is dead :(.

I want to revert back to my 3 year old self and throw a fit on the floor for the world to see, preferably in the middle of a crowded department store. That would feel so good right now…Maybe I’ll go outside and kick some rocks instead.