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Okay ladies, you can all be totally jealous, but my husband kicks some major ass. I had a Chiropractor appointment tonight, which happens every other Tuesday and Brian goes with. Tonight we met, sat down and had our adjustments. After mine, Dr. G. said he wanted them to do some “soft tissue” work on my back, made sense to me b/c it had been really sore the past couple days. I walk back and one of the therapists takes my chart and walks me into a private room (odd b/c normally you just lay in a room with about 3 beds and they work on your sore spots there. She asks how I’m feeling, I say “fine”. She said, “it’s been a while since you’ve had therapy” I agree. She then says “Well you have a half-hour massage tonight” and smiles, then continues with “your husband bought it for you.” I was totally shocked caught off guard, super excited, but at the same time the first thought I had was “oh shit, I haven’t shaved in a week!”….

Needless to say it was one of the best things on this planet that I have experienced. To top that off I get 4 more! My next one is scheduled (with¬†impeccable¬†timing) for next Wednesday….I’ll be sure to shave this time :)