That’s What (True) Friends Are For…

I wander in the infinite internet, a lot. Poking in places, peaking behind curtains, uncovering rocks, generally sticking my nose anywhere and everywhere I can…I’m nosy like that. It has happened a couple times in my nosiness that I find things I wish I’d never seen. Witnessed some heinous violation of “proper conduct” in video, stared at a naked picture, or read something a (once) friend has written, that leaves me wondering why I’m still looking at it, or why I felt it necessary to check at all. Tiny moments that make me pause and say “is it really worth it?” 

As you have mentioned there are moments in life where you walk away and think “oh I should have…”. I’ve had several in my life, one of them was you. Somewhere the road fell from under my feet and I lost the ability to convey true feelings to you, that made me a shitty friend. I accept my failure. You, on the other hand, post hypocritical messages and continue to live your life through hypocritical actions. Good luck with that, one of us has learned from mistakes, we’ll see if the other ever catches on..

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